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The Side Effects of HGH That You Must Know

side effects of HGH

Human Growth Hormone (or HGH) has emerged as a miracle drug for many, due to its ability to induce growth factors in the human body and to make people feel young and healthy. This hormone, produced synthetically, increases the production of growth hormones in the pituitary gland of the brain, which is responsible for producing the hormones. These hormones are responsible for the growth of cells and their delivery throughout the body, thus increasing muscle mass and bone density.

However, having a synthetic product with no side effects is unheard of. Despite the many positive reviews given by people who use the best HGH in the market, there have been a few complaints from users too. So it cannot be ascertain that HGH will affect everyone in the same way. There are some known side effects of HGH to take note of before you invest your money on it.

The Benefits of HGH

Taking synthetic HGH has been in practice since the mid-80s, when the substance was synthesized and approved by the FDA for specific treatments. Since then, many people buy HGH to combat various problems in their bodies, such as a deficiency of growth hormones, slow growth in the body, or other problems which lead to a deficiency in the body.

Fitness buffs and bodybuilders are known to use HGH as a guilt-free source of growth hormones to boost their fitness and stamina. It is a safer and more effective product to use than steroids, which are banned for use in sports and athletics, and also have disastrous effects if taken regularly.

Precautions on taking HGH

After looking at the bright side, we must also consider the dark side of the synthetic growth hormone known as HGH, which can be infused into the body through injections, oral sprays and pills. Manufacturers of the drug state that all of the ingredients used in the formula of HGH are natural and therefore the products they make are safer to use than others. Even these products are approved by the FDA, so this becomes a point in favor of HGH.

However, it should be noted that excess use of any drug can leave you in a worse condition than before. You should avoid taking HGH injections without getting your growth hormone levels checked by a doctor and asking them to prescribe you the right HGH for your condition. You should also do some research on what side effects of HGH injections can have on your body before you start using it regularly.

Side Effects of HGH


side effects of HGH

The side effects of HGH injections depend on two main factors: Your bodily condition and the dosage that you take. Since regular intake of HGH products is required to maintain their effects, the dosage must be managed in accordance to the needs of your body. An overdose can bring about hazardous effects, and you will find yourself wishing you never took HGH injections.


Unwanted Sleepiness

If you are a healthy person with a normal diet, and you take HGH to feel healthier, then you will find that it makes you sleepier than before. You start sleeping like a baby, with longer naps, and you sleep in the same position all the while. This might be a good thing, but then you will find yourself craving for sleep every now and then, which is the downside.

Bodily Aches

Morning aches are also very common for HGH users; after waking up, they feel as if they have just been through a strenuous workout at the gym. This feeling goes away in a few minutes, and it is associated with the growth of cells in the body during sleep time.

Numbness in Certain Body Parts

Excessive use of HGH injections will cause you to feel numbness in your fingers and wrists. You feel the stinginess that is associated with the hindrance of blood flow to a body part. As you keep using HGH regularly, it wipes out the wrinkles from your face and hands, but you may at times feel as if your face is getting swollen. This happens because the hormones cause water retention in the body. For this side effect to go away, you will need to lower your dosage.

The major side effects of HGH pills that are used by athletes and bodybuilders include numbness in their fingers and hands. Taking an increased dose results in a decrease in grip strength, which is essential for lifting weights. Athletes also experience higher than normal blood pressure, coupled with edema in the feet, excessive sweating and insomnia, all of which make their lives really difficult.


Acromegaly is a syndrome that results when there is an excessive amount of HGH in your body. This may result in an extreme disfigurement of body parts, e.g. enlarged face, or a larger than normal jaw. In some serious causes, it may even lead to death if the condition is not monitored and managed properly.

The majority of users who suffer from the side effects of HGH are men. The side effects in men are greater than those in women. Excessive dosage leads to enlargement of their organs, and also causes them to suffer from Gynecomastia, in which the male mammary glands are enlarged.

There have been a number of cases in which the intake of HGH injections has actually helped people recover from injuries or diseases much faster than expected. However, it is also argued that this causes the organs in the body to work faster than their capacity, leading to their enlargement. Thus, rather than taking you back to your youth, this drug can actually take years off your life. One needs to be very careful when dealing with such powerful medication that could change your life, for both better or for worse.

In general, taking HGH injections has to be cautious, and it is strongly advised that these kinds of injections must be prescribed by doctors. HGH injections should only be taken when you have a severe HGH deficiency in your body. Always seek doctor’s advice on the pros and cons of HGH injections to avoid the irreversible side effects of HGH.  A safer alternative would be to take HGH supplements instead. Together with a proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise, you can expect to enjoy better the benefits of HGH.

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